Genografi Packages

Genografi analyzes more than 270 genetic traits, inherited conditions and drug responses. You can choose your Genografi package based on your interests and needs.

  • Genografi Well Being package includes traits related to food intolerance, athletic performance and muscle structure.
  • Obesity, cardiomyopathy, athletic performance and lactose intolerance are some of the traits analyzed in this package.
  • This package is ideal for people who pay attention to nutrition and life quality, and also for people who want to know their predisposition to diseases that may affect their active lifestyle.
  • Genografi Early Warning package analyzes the susceptibility to most common cancers such as breast-ovarian, colon and pancreatic cancer.
  • Provides important data for people that have a cancer background in their family, and helps them take preventative steps. It also includes traits related to drug sensitivities.
  • This package helps detecting certain diseases that can be prevented in case of early diagnosis, like epilepsy and dystonia.
  • Genografi Carrier Status package identifies recessively inherited traits, which do not affect you individually, but can be passed on to your children and descendants.
  • This package is especially recommended for couples who want to identify their risk of illnesses and are planning to have children.
  • Genografi 360 contains all the traits analyzed in Well Being, Early Warning and Carrier Status packages and more.
  • Genografi 360 is highly recommended for those who want to discover their genetic background in the most comprehensive way.
  • Genografi 360° Family features Genografi’s most comprehensive package as a special offer designed for couples.
  • You will not only learn your own personal risks and your carrier status, but also you’ll have an understanding on your mutual risks with your partner.
  • Having a joint counseling session with your partner, you will have a foresight on your children’s genetic disposition.
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