About Us

Genografi is a personalized genomics service with registered trademark owned by Genomize Bilişim ve Biyoteknoloji A.Ş., which is developed as medical genetic application and introduced to public with the support of Nesiller Genetik.

Genografi is prepared by scientific and technological trademark owner Genomize Bilişim ve Biyoteknoloji A.Ş., developed and introduced to public as a medical genetic application with the support of Nesiller Genetik. Having innovation, localization, quality and customer-oriented business development as core principles, Genomize has become a preferred partner for leading hospitals, laboratories and genetic diagnosis centers in Turkey and Middle East. Genomize’s objective is to innovate for health and make these innovations reachable by everyone. Genomize has the following certificates of conformity to quality standards: ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 ve ISO 27001.

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“Nesiller Genetik” was established with the mission of contribution into the upbringing of healthier generations for today and tomorrow of the humanity. It provides routine and individual genetic diagnosis services, genetic consultancy and continuous education services to specialist physicians, hospitals, clinics and other laboratories since 2009 in accordance with the rules of Genetic Diagnosis of TR Ministry of Health.

“Nesiller Genetik” team is aware of the importance of genetic science in prevention of diseases before their manifestation, continues its work for contribution to treatable and/or preventable world.

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