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Genografi is a personalized and preventive genomics service, which helps you to get a comprehensive understanding of your genetics.

Know yourself better

Genografi, is a personalized and preventive genomics service, developed utilizing cutting edge methods in biotechnology and bioinformatics.

Genografi accumulates a complex set of scientific information to analyze DNA-based characteristics specific to a given individual and produces a detailed personalized report on:

  • Genetic personal traits
  • Risks for more than 5000 diseases
  • Inherited conditions that can be passed to your descendants and future generations
  • Drug sensitivity and treatment responses
Genografi Process

You can find the Genografi process below, which begins with your order and ends with the presentation of your final report.

Choose your Genografi package and order it from partnering hospitals and laboratories.
Saliva or Blood Sample
Follow the instructions provided in the Genografi Kit in order to collect your saliva sample using the collection tube.
Your DNA will be extracted from the saliva or blood sample and sequenced using the Next Generation Sequencing technology. The sequencing output will then be interpreted using advanced bioinformatics analysis.
Genetic Counseling
Results of the analysis will be delivered through a personal test report, which will be presented over an instructive genetic counseling session.
Genografi Report
Below is an example of the Genografi report that will be sent to you after the session.

Genografi Process

Genografi examines more than 5000 diseases and other genetic features. You can choose the Genografi package you want according to your need.

  • Susceptibility to cancer
  • Risk profile for different kinds of cancers
  • Breast-ovarian, colon and pancreatic cancer etc.
  • Preventive health steps
  • Most comprehensive personalized genetic test in the market
  • Genetic diseases, hereditary features and drug intolerance
  • More than 5000 traits
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