How do you store my personal data and my genetic information? Is this data shared with anyone?

Your personal and genetic data is only processed and stored after taking your written consent, which is documented based on the EU Directive on Data Protection (The Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC). Your genetic data is stored anonymously with no connection to your identity, and it is labeled with a private user ID only to be known by you and the medical genetics specialist who will interpret your Genografi report to you personally.

Your genetic data is stored anonymously in our secure servers, based on international standards and EU laws, and will not be shared with any third parties (i.e. insurance companies) under any circumstances without your written consent.

I am afraid of having an elevated disease risk. How can I use my Genografi report if an elevated disease risk is reported?

Receiving a result with an elevated disease risk does not necessarily mean that you will develop that condition. It means that the disease is more common in people with your specific genetic variation. In this case, our medical genetics specialist will interpret the results of Genografi report considering your genes, family history, present health condition, lifestyle and environmental conditions. You can utilize this foresight by meeting specialist doctors on those medical conditions in order to get a recommendation on preventable actions and to understand potential symptoms. You can also set up a regular health-screening scheme for a potential early diagnosis, just in case.

Genografi can also assist on diagnosing some of the symptoms or health conditions, which you or your doctors were not able to identify the cause before. Preventing a potential disease is safer and more successful than trying to cure it if found on a later stage.

How can I trust the results offered by Genografi scientifically?

Main objective of the Genografi is to produce the most reliable genetic testing results using methods validated by international standards and to establish a professional framework for presenting these results to you. Our pathogenicity classification and reporting is done based on the standards defined by the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG). If found, pathogenic variants to be reported are double checked by Sanger verification, which is acknowledged as the “gold standard” in medical genetics. Our doctors, who are experts in the field of Medical Genetics, present your final report to you through a private counseling session.

What makes Genografi different from other tests in the market?
  • Genografi does the DNA analysis using Next Generation Sequencing technology. Genografi incorporates ACMG standards (American School of Medical Genetics & Genomics) for sequencing data with more accuracy. Your results are presented as an interpretation of Next Generation Sequencing outputs via a special bioinformatics analysis platform, which is widely used by hospitals and genetic diagnostic laboratories for diagnosis purposes.
  • Unlike similar products, Genografi ensures success and high sensitivity on both the risk calculation and the detection of particular diseases, as it utilizes the gene pool (allele frequencies) for the geography it’s being delivered. A medical geneticist delivers your final report, which ensures that you get an expert level perspective on what results actually mean for your particular case.
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