Genografi Process

You can find the Genografi process below, which begins with your order and ends with the presentation of your final report.

Choose your Genografi package and order it from partnering hospitals and laboratories.
Saliva or Blood Sample
Follow the instructions provided in the Genografi Kit in order to collect your saliva sample using the collection tube.
Your DNA will be extracted from the saliva or blood sample and sequenced using the Next Generation Sequencing technology. The sequencing output will then be interpreted using advanced bioinformatics analysis.
Genetic Counseling
Results of the analysis will be delivered through a personal test report, which will be presented over an instructive genetic counseling session.
Genografi Report
Below is an example of the Genografi report that will be sent to you after the session.

Technology and Standards

Next Generation Sequencing is the most recent technology used for reading the huge book of 3 billion letters we call the genome. The data is read, interpreted and annotated in an analytical platform especially developed for Genografi.

At the end of Genografi process, more than 5000 syndromes are analyzed and presented to you in accordance with international standards. Scientific reference of each variation specific to you is separately indicated in your report.


We use special devices designed for DNA reading and sequencing in order to analyze your DNA, which is isolated from your saliva (or blood) sample in a laboratory environment. We also use Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology to ensure that the sequencing quality is at the highest possible standard.


The DNA data received from the Next Generation Sequencing platform is analyzed using various databases, population studies and bioinformatics algorithms. Pathogenicity classification of variations are done according to the standards defined by American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG). You can see variations that are considered "pathogenic" or "likely pathogenic" in your Genografi report.


Your personal and genetic data is stored on our secure servers. Your information is protected against corruption, loss, unauthorized disclosure and access during genetic data processing and storing.

This is done according to the laws and regulations defined by European Union, where your data is anonymized while being analyzed, your genetic data and personal identity information (name, contact information etc.) are separated. Your identity information is NEITHER stored NOR shared with third parties. Also your genetic data stored in our servers is stored anonymously, separated from your identity information according to both applicable laws and international standards.

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