You are different from others

Massive amount of information is hidden within human genome and deciphered knowledge of functions of human genome is increasing everyday. The contents of the human genome vary a little from person to person. However these small differences are so important that they can determine all features distinguishing us from other people. When various genes are activated in different ways in different people, genetic diversity occurs and this defines our identity.

These genetic differences explain sensitivity differences of people to certain diseases, medicines and environmental toxins, and are called as “variations”. While some of genetic variations increase the risk of common diseases such as diabetes and obesity, others may show themselves in the form of sensitivity towards various medicines or toxins.

Learning your genetic code will make you more conscious about yourself and your life

Individuals who know their genetic variations have an opportunity to organize their lifestyles and live healthier. Personal genetic tests provide new approaches for the health and vitality of the person.

Understand the reactions of your body for a healthy life

Your genetic data may help you for long-term weight control,live fit and stay in a healthy shape. Being informed about food allergies, eating habits and your body’s response to exercise, you can live healthier and use full capacity of your body.

Learn your disease risks

Genografi is a starting point for protective and preventive medicine. You can take preventive measures in this regard by learning your risk for genetic disease development.

You can learn the risk of having chronical diseases such as heart diseases and obesity, as well as oncological diseases such as breast and colon cancer. By making necessary vital changes in the light of this information, you can get an important advantage.

Foresee the genetic heritage that you leave to your children and next generations

You may be carrying some genetic diseases that might directly affect your child's health. Parental candidates who have determined their carrier status with Genografi, can bring healthy babies by taking the necessary steps before pregnancy. A lot of dangerous genetic diseases can be determined before pregnancy via tests so that happy family life can be continued.

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